Special Projects: Twemco QT-30 Frogskin Flip Clock

Special Projects: Twemco QT-30 Frogskin Flip Clock

First and foremost, thanks for your time and interest. We hope this newsletter will be a continuous source of interesting things for you.

Second, a massive shoutout to Weichel Performance Coatings for partnering on this project. This wouldn’t have been possible without their hard work and attention to detail.

A bit more on the details: the base is a beige Twemco QT-30 flip clock that was air cure cerakoted with a frogskin camo pattern. The original color can be seen on the front where the numbers are located. These take one C (LR14) battery.

Purchase details:

  • 9/9/22 release at 9PM EST
  • $250 including tax and shipping.
  • Limited quantities, available to newsletter subscribers only
  • A separate email will go out with an access link for the website

All sales are final.


  • 7.5 x 4 x 2.9 in
  • 195 x 103 x 75 mm


  • 12.3 oz
  • 350 g

Photos courtesy of Weichel Performance Coatings: